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HIV Prevention & PrEP


Some sexually transmitted infections are asymptomatic.

We can screen for the most common STIs.



Washington, D.C. is one of two cities where half of all new HIV diagnoses are located nationally. Because of this statistic, the D.C. area began the '90/90/90/50 Plan to End the HIV Epidemic in the District of Columbia by 2020,' which has made great strides to do as stated. 


Although the number of newly infected people is decreasing, the virus disproportionately effects the African American, Latino and LGBTQ communities.


Research suggests, if you are a member of one of those demographics, the chances that you will come in contact with a sexual partner who is either knowingly or unknowingly infected with the HIV virus in the District of Columbia is highly likely. 


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PrEP Is One Pill A Day That Is At Least 92% Effective At Preventing HIV


PrEP 101

  • Reduces your chances of becoming HIV positive

  • Must be taken daily to be the most effective

  • Must have a prescription 

PrEP Maybe Right For You Under The Following Circumstances:



Multiple Partners

IV Drug Use

Anal sex

Sex under the influence of drugs or alcohol

HIV positive partner


Sex with Unknown Status

Blood transfussion

For peace of mind, we recommend that you begin the process of HIV prevention through PrEP if you are sexually active, and especially if you have multiple partners or use intravenous drugs. To begin PrEP, you must be HIV negative. We will screen you for antibodies, and whether or not you are negative for HIV, we will continue to be your allies for treatment and wellness coaching.

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U.S are now on PrEP

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