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If you are seeking pregnancy prevention or treatment of abnormal menses will be prescribed a birth control regimen that fits best for them. You and your provider will come up with a mutual treatment regimen after careful evaluation of your medical history, current medical condition and preferences. Birth control options that are available will include those in the form of the pill, patch or ring.

What Birth Control Is Best For You?


Your Options With Us

  • Pill

  • Patch

  • Ring

Common Side Effects

Can Be Used For

  • Family planning

  • Dysmenorrhea

  • Skipping periods for vacations

  • Hormonal Acne






If you don't know what birth control is best for you, that is ok! We will discuss all of your options including the benefits and risks that come with each method. Book An Appointment Today.

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What To Expect


Once you have completed a telehealth consult for birth control, a prescription can be provided the same day and sent to a pharmacy of your choice, pending the results of your consultation. If you do not have health insurance or are choosing not to use your health insurance, we will review your options with you.


Birth control commonly comes in a pill, patch or ring form. Each has its own specific way that it administers hormones to your body. If you do not know which one is best for you, no worries we will discuss this further at your visit.


We will make a follow-up appointment within 1 to 3 months of being on your preferred method of birth control to review how things are going. Your providers at Beyond|Med are available to you for any questions after your visit. Click the "Patient Portal" link to the left to send secure messages that your providers will also answer through your secure online patient portal.


The only lab test that is commonly associated with the initiation of birth control is a pregnancy test. If you can provide information that is necessary to prove that you are not currently pregnant, this step may not be necessary. We will go through a series of questions to assess the safety of starting the birth control of your preference. You will also be asked for a recent blood pressure reading that was taken within 2 weeks of your visit. You can have your blood pressure taken at your local pharmacy or grocery store.

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A prescription for the most common methods of birth control such as combination or progrestin only pills, patch, or ring, will be sent to a pharmacy near you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should not take birth control?

People with the following conditions, but not limited to: 1. Age ≥35 years and smoking ≥15 cigarettes per day 2. Heart disease 3. High blood pressure 4. Blood clots 5. Current breast cancer 6. Migraine with aura 7. Diabetes for > 20 years A full list of risk factors will be reviewed at your visit.

What are the side effects of birth control?

• Patients may experience breast tenderness, nausea and bloating • Unscheduled bleeding • May impact mood and sexual function Most side effects experienced with birth control resolve within 3 months.

Does birth control cause weight gain?

• There is no evidence to support birth control causing weight gain.

Does birth control protect me from STIs?

No. No form of birth control can protect from getting an STI. You should also practice safe sex, for example, using condoms.

Can taking birth control while pregnant cause birth defects?

No. If you become pregnant while taking birth control, it will not cause adverse effects to an early pregnancy or cause birth defects.

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