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Sometimes we can use an outside opinion that offers guidance along the way. The practitioners at Beyond|Med can be great accountability partners. As health coaches, we will motivate you to reach your goals, provide insight to your personal conundrums, and facilitate behavioral changes. We are unique, in that we are practitioners, which means we are equipped with the skill and ability to identify and address potential health concerns that may be coupled with an inability to complete certain goals. 

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We've created a signature health coaching program that includes the medical expertise of our nurse practitioners. We will address your:





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Here's how it works: 

New clients will book an initial consult, which will be a longer virtual visit than follow-up visits. Our initial virtual visit will focus on getting to know you, your personal goals, where you feel you need help, and how Beyond|Med health coaches can help you bridge that gap.


Follow-up will vary based on each individual's needs and self-care plans. While some may work on goals that only require monthly follow-up, others may require weekly pick-me-ups and guidance. Subscription plans are available as package services to meet you where you are.  



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Frequently Asked Questions

Will having a health coach be similar to the patient/provider relationship?

Here's how the two roles compare: A health coach guides you to being a healthier you - mentally, emotionally and physically. They are your accountability partners, and the relationship is seen as a partnership. Rather than telling you what to do, like your provider might, your health coah will guide you to create smart goals that speak to your needs, and empower you to achieve your goals. On the other hand, a provider can bring a holistic approach to their services. While prescriptive therapy is not included the health coaching services, your nurse practitioner may discuss non-prescriptive holisitic and herbal supplements.

Does health coaching really work?

According to several evidence-based studies, the benefits of health coaching have proven that behavior change and results occur when there is a coaching relationship that addresses a person’s health and fitness goals, offers collaboration and motivation, and fosters engagement.

What can health coaching do for me?

Health coaching can impact your life in the following ways: - Weight loss - Improved nutrition and diet - Increased strength and fitness - Increased motivation - Improved lifestyle habits - Improved self-image - Increased health knowledge - Improved self-care - Improved management of chronic conditions - Improved medication adherence - Decreased health-care costs

How do I know if using an online health coaching service is right for me?

1. You are comfortable expressing yourself via video, phone, or email. 2. You are ready to actively make a change in your life physically, mentally, and emotionally. 3. You are seeking someone to guide you and hold you accountable on your personal and desired goals.

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